Our Projects


What we do

We are in the business of construction. We identity property i.e. land by our selves or examine the property of landowners and suggest ways and means to make a good project out of it. We will analyse the location, market and viability and propose a win win j.v. proposal.

On signing up a JV agreement with us we will design a marketing program, draw time lines and draw up a project plan. This is shared with the JV partner to indicate the time frames and terms to complete the project.

It will be our responsibility to handle all customer issues based on mutually agreed terms and to the satisfaction of the customer. We will be careful not to over comit and end up in any legal tangle.

The prospective JV partner is free to make his or her own background check of our company officials.


Building Maintenance Services – Civil, Electrical and Effluent


House Keeping – Staffing and Supervision on contract basis.


Land Documentation assistance.


Obtaining EC, Patta or other approvals from relevant authorities


Miscellaneous Civil jobs with a minimum job value of Rs.2.00 lacs and above only.

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